UB Solution

offers a variety of innovative financial products and services to our clients

Energy Financing

Universal Business Structured Solution brings together a talented blend of people and capital from around the globe to successfully finance Acquisitions, as well as provide Development and Working Capital for a variety of energy projects. Whether you are in the early start-up stage, or need to secure late-stage funding, UB Solution may be able to help.


SBA Loans

We specialize in engineering deals between well-capitalized partners and growing firms, we are able to offer success in securing small business loans of $5 million or more where traditional lenders fail.

Private Equity/Venture Capital

The professionals at Universal Business Structured Solution understand that securing large amount private equity loans and venture capital can challenge even the most well-capitalized and collateralized companies.

Recent Transactions

UB Solution is created to serve as an Investor- centric point for the professional Investor to efficiently target the discovery of high-quality deals. Opportunities represent an impressive diversity of startups, early and mid-stage to late stage and special situation funding opportunities.

Business Acquisition Finance

Universal Business Structured Solution has years of experience helping companies who need business acquisition financing. Whether a company desires an asset-based loan, purchase order financing, a corporate line of credit, business cash advances or hard money/bridge loans, we at Universal Business Structured Solution will be able to help.

In all, if you want a company that will ensure the longevity of your recent business acquisition, Universal Business Structured Solution has a variety of financing options available.

Financing A Business Purchase

When it comes to financing a business purchase or acquisition, some business owners may feel that they have nowhere to turn. They also might fear being turned away when they take the time to apply for a loan or financing options. However, if the business owner defines the goals behind the purchase or acquisition, they will have little trouble acquiring what they need from our company.

How do we decide whether or not to finance your business purchase?

At Universal Business Structured Solution, we do not just hand out loans to every business. Those who desire to finance their business purchase or keep their business operational, etc. are required to submit data and content on our application form that will help us decide to move forward or not. In a nutshell, we do a thorough analysis to determine whether supplying you with a loan or financing is also in our best interests.



Out of the box financing for:

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    ► Bridge/Hard Money on any Valuables. ► M&A, LBO, Growth, Working Capital.► Assets Based Lending and Factoring....

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    ► Oil, Gas and Renewable Energy Projects. ► Commercial Real Estate....

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