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Universal Business Structured Solution's Global Mergers and Acquisitions group delivers strategic advisory services to companies worldwide. If your viable project needs access to creative business acquisition lenders, contact UB Solution with an executive summary for immediate personal consideration.

Partner with a Business Acquisition Direct Lender
Traditional financing, such as a Business Acquisition Loan, isn't always an option for many otherwise-viable deals. That is why executives and principals who require creative, out-of-the-box Business Acquisition funding options contact UB Solution. With over 60 years of combined industry experience and a diverse network of investors, we can help a viable business secure the financing it needs to achieve its business plan's goals.

UB Solution's capabilities cover the entire spectrum of strategic alternatives available to clients, including acquisitions, divestitures, restructurings, leveraged buyouts, takeover defense, special committee assignments and exclusive sales. UB Solution's experience is able to guide your corporate financing by conducting an in-depth analysis of the business being acquired. In short, UB Solution leverages the existing assets and analyzes prospective post acquisition's performance of the business to structure the right financing for you.

Business Acquisition Funding Requirements
Those interested in considering hard money lenders for business acquisition purposes should submit an executive summary and prepare a business plan, key executives' biographies, and budget and forecast information. Executives should also prepare to provide independent evaluations of the site or viability as required.

UB Solution is able to provide business acquisition financing in the form of Joint Venture, Debt, Equity and Mezzanine funding options to qualified parties who may not otherwise be able to secure traditional financing. Joint Venture strategic alliance partners should be prepared to negotiate dilution of control and ownership. Minimum Business Acquisition Financing amounts total $5 MM in the United States and $10 MM Internationally.

Quick and Affordable Financing from Industry-Leading Business Acquisition Sources
Our network of strategic partners trusts us to find high quality deals requiring financing. UB Solution performs thorough due diligence, so our clients and partners earn mutually beneficial returns. We specialize in reviewing each deal on a case-by-case basis, so our clients and partners receive personal, customized attention. To determine if we can assist you with private funding for a business purchase or acquisition, send an executive summary of your proposal to UB Solution for immediate consideration.

Financing Projects Worldwide.
Minimum financing:
$5 MM in US, $10 MM international


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