UB Solution is a Private Capital Advisory Firm and Direct Lender / Investor specializing in out of the box Financing.      Universal Business Structured Solution info@ubssolution.com        Content copyright. 2015 Universal Business Structured Solution. All rights reserved.     888-778-1437 Commercial Real Estate Financing Principal’s experience (must have reasonable and proven experience). Principal’s equity in the project (already invested, including real estate owned). How much money is available to invest towards the total cost of the deal? Is additional collateral available (provide description/value)? Amount requested. Exit strategy (must have a clear and specific exit strategy). Example: if a developer was proposing to build a residential home development, his exit strategy better be more specific than just listing the homes on the MLS. Business Financing How long has your company been in business? Last three years Revenue/EBIDTA. Amount of debt outstanding (provide breakdown if more than one). When is the debt's maturity date (provide breakdown if more than one). Current rate(s) on the debt (provide breakdown if more than one). Collateral available, its description/value. Purpose of financing required-example: acquisition, working capital, etc. Amount requested. Principal(s) personal financial strength. Suggestions: Be concise. State the reason for the funding request at the beginning of the summary. Include the amount of funds requested. Include the clear purpose the funds will be used for. Clearly state the length of time the funds are needed. State the amount of money you or your organization is investing in the project. List the collateral being offered. State the qualifications and experience of the principals. UB Solution does not accept a verbose and complicated proposal and will reject your request if it is too complicate to read. Executive Summary should not exceed 2- 3 pages. The best way to start a conversation with UB Solution is to send us an executive summary for review. Or complete our Intake Form (download at right) and e-mail us at info@ubssolution.com to get started.                                                                                       Email Executive Summary to                                                                                                                What to put in an Executive Summary? Submit Your Deal